Nano Safe Coatings (NSC) was founded as a technology-development company to take advantage of and commercialize patent and patent-pending technologies to control biofilms on medical devices and medical-related products.

A team of researchers at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada took a long-established technology that has been around since the mid-70s and improved the anchoring mechanism so it permanently attaches to various substrates including metals, plastics, and fabrics. The technologies are perfectly suited for medical device manufacturers, wound care products, medical-related products, and hospital environments where the potential of Healthcare-Acquired Infections (HAI) is greatest.

These technologies change the paradigm for controlling biofilms, infectious organisms, and drug-resistant microbes associated with medical devices and medical-related products. NSC technologies modify metals, plastics, and fabrics, and make them resistant to the attachment and propagation of non-eukaryotic organisms without adverse effects to humans, materials, or the environment.

NSC alters medical devices and products in ways that enhance the overall performance of the treated surfaces.

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At Sanders, Inc., we have specialized in designing and developing unique filter applications for nearly 20 years. Simply put, we have an answer to your problem. We design, develop and modify until we find an answer to the absolute best solution to your need. It’s what we do. We have introduced patented technology to help the vertical transportation industry, designed a media to trap and help prevent the spread of harmful pathogens in facilities, and developed a line of pre-filters for all cartridges sold worldwide into the gas turbine marketplace. So it seems pretty clear why you would come to us for your filter needs. We can and will develop and design a filter to solve any unique filtration application you might have. It is, after all, what we do – and do well – for going on 20 years.

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PureShield, Inc., is an innovative company based in Jupiter, Florida. We produce several unique and cutting edge product technologies for manufacturers, janitorial, hygiene, and environmental service companies, home, and business cleaning supplies, and auto care industries. Our company is working with Sports, Food, Health Care, Construction, Travel and Entertainment, Real Estate, Marine, Hospitality, and many other industries to offer proactive protection from bacteria, mold and mildew on both porous and non-porous surfaces. Bio-Protect is a totally new approach to providing long-lasting antimicrobial, fungi, algae, and yeast protection.

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