Creating a Healthier Environment

We can help protect the surfaces your family, employees and customers touch daily.

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Who We Are and How We Can Help

Healthy Builds provides advanced technologies to provide the purest air and safest surfaces

Our technologies help to eliminate and prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew and other known contaminants in air, water and on surfaces. We work in industrial, commercial and residential setting, each having its own unique environmental challenges.

Healthy Builds has a long history in construction and biosecurity., We understand how biology can negatively impact your facility, employees, customers, animal and family members, pets and livestock. Our programs work to mitigate the problems using state-of-the art antimicrobial technology, along with submicron air and water filtration. We are experienced professionals, with a powerful network. Our network and technologies give us the unique ability design programs with a laser focus on health. Because our work is so specialized, we have a deep bench of supporting consultants – medical professionals, microbiologists, veterinarian, pharmacists, and academics – who assist us in supporting our clients’ goals and objectives.​​​​​​​

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Who we serve

Our solutions address the healthy indoor environment in industrial, commercial and residential settings



Medical facilities


Food processing


Nursing homes

Assisted Living


Single & Multifamily


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Provide a healthier environment in any space using our healthy builds system

Potential Savings and Gains
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Energy Use
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Allergy Safe

Our solutions can help reduce allergens, viruses, and bacteria. Allow us to do a free assessment of your home and explore a custom solution to improve and protect your and your family’s health.

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asthma Safe

Healthy Builds helps improves air quality and enhances surface hygiene by targeting major asthma triggers like dust, dander, and bacteria. Let us Allow us to help you breathe better and live better healthier in your home.

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pregnancy Safe

Expecting mothers have shifting immune systems, making them more susceptible to pathogens. Let us Allow us to do an assessment of your home and explore a custom solution to help protect your family’s health.

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Oncology Safe

According to the CDC, chemotherapy increases the risk of infections. Treating your home’s air, water and surfaces can reduce these risks. Let us Allow us to do a free in-home assessment and explore a custom solution.

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