Food borne disease

It might be interesting for many to learn that food manufacturers generally have in place stronger and more detailed infection control programs than most hospitals. Food operations are generally held financially- and even at times criminally – accountable for any of their products that harm their users. Their success, the trust in their brands, depend on delivering a safe product to consumers. So not surprisingly, they are highly motivated to focus on stringent hygiene practices and comprehensive infection control processes. Foodborne germs and pathogens can lead to serious illness and sometimes death. It’s imperative food manufacturers get it right.


Foodborne Germs and Illnesses


Foodborne pathogens


Airborne pathogens have been around well before the COVID-19 outbreak. Research of air samples have demonstrated as much for years. The food industry recognizes the threat, and many operations have taken diligent steps to clean the air with quality filtration and ventilation. The government continues to act like airborne disease is new. Abundant research tells a different story that stretches back decades.


633 Airborne dispersion of leptospirosis in a meat processing plant


Comparison between the Real-Time PCR and Crystal Diagnostic Xpress Immunoassay Methods for Detecting Salmonella and Shiga Toxin–Producing Escherichia coli in the Air of Beef Slaughter Establishments


Assays and enumeration of bioaerosols-traditional approaches to modern practices


Performance of two shrouded probes for the collection of liquid aerosols in a wind tunnel optimized for high air speeds


Ternary Fingerprints with Reference Odor for Fluctuation-Enhanced Sensing


All surfaces to include uniforms and shoes can harbor pathogens at food productions facilities or hospitals. Just as in hospitals, the floors, air, hands – every surface – can host bacteria and pathogens similar to food production facilities. Having a strong biosecurity program keeps our food safe, food production facilities clean and employees protected.

We’ve examined in detail the infection control approaches of myriad food industry facilities during the past four years. PSSI we believe has developed one of the elite food production hygiene packages. We encourage anyone in the food production industry to view its website, linked below, and reach out to learn how you can benefit from the persistent hygiene program PSSI offers.


Advancing the Science of Food Safety: Superior Chemical Solutions

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