How E.coli spreads:

E.coli spreads in a variety of ways.  It can be aerosolized from wastewater plants and toilets.  It can be found in the air in and around poultry farms.  Through sampling you can find E.coli on money, door knobs, elevator buttons or any other commonly touched item.  E.coli is on floors, shoes, cart wheels and any other item that touches floors.  Because it is on touch points it also is move through the environment on hands.


All forms of biology move through the environment using different modes of movement.  All modes must be addressed with a good infection control program.  Bugs move on or in food, water, clothing, air, surfaces, and hands.  It is not a difficult concept to understand but the medical community has viewed this incorrectly for decades.  It is time to realize that our environment impacts our health and that all facility managers must take infection control seriously.


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