Maritime vessels are a platform for spreading disease

Fungi, bacteria and mold aren’t just around-the-house issues. The maritime industry, to what should be to no one’s surprise because of its arena – is profoundly affected by these menaces. Most smaller vessels are afflicted by mold and mildew issues. Larger passenger ships, too, are perfect spots for all of them to flourish, leading to outbreaks of illnesses in the crew ship industry. Spreads of illness are expedited because of the close quarters.   It is a massive problem in yachts around the world…  They all smell like mildew.

Fungi is everywhere. It is estimated that the average person breathes in thousands of mold spores daily. While many are harmless, others are not. Persistent, safe cleaning of vessels is the best solution. Proactive defenses prevent many of the issues caused by fungi, bacteria and mold. Because mold can adversely impact human health, it makes sense. Mold-induced asthma, allergic fungal sinusitis, allergic fungal sinusitis, allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis and hypersensitivity pneumonitis are just a few of the conditions exposure to mold leads to.


How dangerous is black mold to health?


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Every year you hear the stories about the latest outbreak of some disease on a cruise ship. The industry needs to adopt measures to curb theses regular outbreaks.


What the cruise-ship outbreaks reveal about COVID-19: Close confines help the virus to spread, but closed environments are also an ideal place to study how the new coronavirus behaves.


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Commercial cargo vessels also are greatly impacted by microbiology.


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This year numerous high profile military vessels were hit with COVID outbreaks. 


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Epidemic infectious gastrointestinal illness aboard U.S. Navy ships deployed to the Middle East during peacetime operations – 2000–2001



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