Students and staff at two research institutes have tested positive to the Brucella bacterium, which can lead to serious complications.

Two Chinese agriculture research institutions are investigating how more than 100 students and staff became infected with the bacterium Brucella, strains of which are typically found in farm animals but can also trigger potentially fatal complications in people.

The Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute in central China confirmed on 7 December that 96 staff and students have tested positive for the infection. In a statement, the institute said most of the infected people are not experiencing signs of brucellosis, the illness caused by the bacterium, which can include fever and flu-like symptoms.

The institute says it has closed its labs following the outbreak. Although some mice have also tested positive to the infection, an investigation has yet to announce the strain of Brucella in the infected people, or the source of the outbreak.


Credit: CDC

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