According to the World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) Ebola dashboard, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) saw five more Ebola cases in the past 2 days. The outbreak total now stands at 3,382, including 2,232 deaths. Health officials are still investigating 410 suspected cases.

Virus activity is still high in Mabalako, Butembo, and Katwa. In a Disease Outbreak News update published today, the WHO said three of four cases reported in Butembo in the past 2 weeks are linked to a transmission chain of more than 50 people that originated in Aloya Health Area, Mabalako Health Zone.

That chain was amplified by a person who experienced a relapse of Ebola, and infected several family members.

The WHO also said five recent cases in Kalunguta, reported between Dec 24 and 28, are a distinct epidemiologically linked chain of transmission.

In total there were 29 new Ebola cases documented between Dec 18 and 31 in the DRC, with 62% of cases from Mabalako, 14% from Butembo, and 17% from Kalunguta. The WHO said as of Dec 31, women represented 56% of cases, and 28% of cases were children under the age of 18. A total of 168 healthcare workers have been infected during this outbreak, which began in August of 2018.

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