Food Processing

Healthy Builds process for protecting your space against harmful microorganisms focuses on modes of transmission – namely air quality, water quality, and surface hygiene. Our process begins with our team of certified technicians who will work with you to evaluate and if require create a bio-security or infection control program for your facility. A solution that is customized to your specific requirements.

Our Program

Inspect what you expect… our program gives you measured results.

Step one:
We evaluate surface hygiene, air quality, and hand hygiene.
We use ATP measurements to evaluate your level of cleanliness.
We use Laser particle counters to evaluate particulate in your air.

Step two:
We Build a plan for your specific biosecurity/infection control needs.

Step Three:
Treat your home using state-of-the-art electrostatic sprayers and submicron air filtration and a long-term antimicrobial protection layer with a direct food contact label. Your safety is our priority!

Step Four:
We continue to evaluate surface and air quality in between treatments. We make the invisible, visible keeping your home safe and clean.

Ask us about our allergy package

All of our chemicals have EPA / FDA direct food contact labels or NSF direct food contact labels. We know the challenges of a regulated industry and can provide unique tools to up your level of hygiene.

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