Infection Control

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Insects dramatically impact human health

We often think only of person-to-person transmission of disease. And that path certainly is important to understanding how best to control infection. Often overlooked, however, is zoonotic disease

Hitching a Ride

Bacteria, fungi and viruses notoriously love to hitch rides. And they are not picky about the vehicles. Clothes, shoes, hair, hands and countless other surfaces can carry pathogens to new places to take root.

Air Quality and Zoonotic Bugs

Air quality is a crucial part of the equation that factors into our health. Zoonotic diseases, those that pass from species to species – move through the air. Wind patterns, humidity, temperatures; they all play a role in how viruses move.

Spanish Flu

The flu is responsible for millions of deaths worldwide each year. Scientists watch carefully for crossover viruses – transmission between hosts belonging to different species – as part of the quest to determine how best to contain harmful outbreaks.

COVID 19 is not the first crossover virus

Much of the disease found in the animal kingdom can be passed on to humans. Zoonotic bugs as they are called are responsible for considerable transmission of harmful disease to us. Many of the diseases we currently face are zoonotic.

Time to take an air sample

Particles .3 microns in size and smaller can remain in the air for extended periods of time. If you put to use a laser particle counter inside your home or office, you would be able to see the myriad invisible particulates that always are with us.

Hand Hygiene is a Must

Hand hygiene is the cornerstone of any infection control program. It is absolutely critical. Mountains of evidence through the years points to the overwhelming need to prioritize hand hygiene.

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