Infection Control

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Is food a drug?

Food can very much act like a drug, having a powerful impact on the reward centers of the brain. As one of the great joys in life, good food can help keep you happy, healthy and fit. Bad food can have serious and far-reaching negative impacts on your overall well-being. Being vigilant about ingredients and working to establish good eating habits can go a long way toward better health.

Legionella and Indoor Air Quality

Legionella was first identified in 1976 when there was an outbreak in Philadelphia.

Air quality impacts human life

Air quality is a recurring theme on this blog, as well it should be. It is so incredibly impactful to all aspects of health. Yet it often takes a backseat to surfaces, for one. But it really needs to come to the fore of the discussion – and stay there.

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is often overlooked

A year-and-a-half into the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccines have taken front and center as a prevention strategy.

Outbreaks in prisons

Outbreaks in prisons impact both guards and prisoners. 

Valley Fever

Valley fever is a soil based fungi that can cause significant health problems in people and pets.

Ask a microbiologist if they think microbes and virus are in the air

What is clear is mistakes have been made and our concern is we will learn the wrong lessons from this event.

Cleaning vs Air Hygiene...   Do Both

This pandemic is different from others.  Most bugs are readily transmitted in schools and by children.   This one doesn’t work that way.  That being said, all pathogens morph and is only prudent to recognize all public space need a full throated infection control program.

Exercise is good for mind and body

The positive impact of exercise and the pursuit of physical fitness has nearly immeasurable benefits on human health. Today we will look at studies that support the connection between exercise and our well-being.

Asthma impact on People

Those who have witnessed asthma attacks are not likely to forget what they saw. It truly is frightening, as one of our team members learned at a young age when he saw his younger sister struggle to breathe during her first asthma attack.

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