Commercial Spaces

In the same way Healthy Builds ensures a healthy living environment, we also provide services for businesses, creating facilities beneficial to both employees and customers. We can also cut your cleaning costs.

  • Boost productivity – healthier environments reduce absenteeism / presenteeism and turnover
  • Create customer loyalty – consistently clean facilities bring repeat customers offering an asthma / allergy friendly environment
  • Develop cleaning programs — that use persistent and episodic cleaning tools tailored to your budget and specific health care requirements

  • Save money – reduces the high cost of cleaning by controlling dust buildup

Cleaner, safer work environments reduce cleaning costs, boost productivity and improve your bottom line. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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Our guide recommends a plan to:

    • Identify how infectious disease moves within your facility
    • Employ layered infection control plans that address, hand, surface, water and air hygiene
    • Develop systems that use persistent cleaning tools

Our solutions are designed to meet your personal needs.