Aerosol transmission of biology in the built environment  (part 2)


We have a series of engineers that have been doing studies for years tracking the movement of biology and air pollution through the air and the resuspension of these particles based on human actions.  The data of airborne transmission is significant and part 2 of this blog will continue to show this as a threat in the built environment.  We will start with airborne Norovirus


This study doesn’t discuss airborne but does discuss stool and vomit as means of transmission.      Again we fall back to our engineers who have decerned that toilets aerosolize what is in them when flushed.   Once again, we see why and multidisciplinary look at transmission problems is truly adds to the discussion.    The CDC continues to poo poo airborne, (no pun intended) transmission of norovirus.   A huge amount of virus particle can be found in stool and vomit.  It is approximated that 5 billion norovirus particles can be found in stool sample.  This specific virus requires very few virions to infect humans.     why no lids on public toilets  



Airborne fungi.  Working in with mold we constantly do air grabs for the lab.  The air is loaded with fungus and in recent news the medical establishment they have asked clinicians to think about fungal driven respiratory issues.


Valley Fever is also airborne. Coccidioidomycosis is endemic in the Southwestern United States and has a huge impact on health and financial burden of the medical system in that area of the country.  One more fungal airborne pathogen.


The mold industry has done a great deal to drive doctors in the direction of holistic medicine.  Airborne microbiology is real and will remain a threat to people with compromised immune systems.   Particulate and biology impact human health.  Good filtration will limit the spread of bugs and particulate.  Dirty air, impacts asthma, COPD, allergies, diabetes, stroke and cardiovascular disease which is a huge slice of our population.  Good Bbsinesses take care of their employees and clients.  Time to manage and measure your air.

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