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Excess of COVID-19 cases and deaths due to fine particulate matter exposure during the 2020 wildfires in the United States

The year 2020 brought unimaginable challenges in public health, with the confluence of the COVID-19 pandemic and wildfires across the western United States.

Just Because COVID is Airborne doesn't Mean You don't Clean

Infection control should be full spectrum.  Pathogens move through the air, on surfaces, in water, and on insects.  We should always look to the most robust infection control program we can afford.

Study adds more evidence of antibiotic overuse in COVID-19 patients

A new analysis of COVID-19 hospitalizations in the United States during the first 6 months of the pandemic shows that more than half resulted in a patient receiving an antibiotic.

US ups COVID vaccine payment, notes good dosing compliance

Today, the Biden administration bumped up Medicare reimbursements to healthcare providers for COVID-19 vaccines from $28 to $40 for a single dose and from $45 to $80 for a two-dose regimen, said Andy Slavitt,

COVID-19 Associated Pulmonary Aspergillosis in Mechanically Ventilated Patients

Background COVID-19 associated pulmonary aspergillosis (CAPA) occurs in critically ill COVID-19 patients. Risks and outcomes remain poorly understood. Methods A retrospective cohort study of adult mechanically ventilated COVID-19

Improved empiric antibiotic prescribing for common infectious disease diagnoses using order sets with built-in clinical decision support in the emergency department

To the Editor—The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that in 2018, emergency departments (EDs) generated 12.7 million antibiotic prescriptions. 1 Up to 50% of these prescriptions

Dietary supplements during the COVID-19 pandemic: insights from 1.4M users of the COVID Symptom Study app – a longitudinal app-based community survey

Objectives Dietary supplements may provide nutrients of relevance to ameliorate SARS-CoV-2 infection, although scientific evidence to support a role is lacking.

Natural selection in the evolution of SARS-CoV-2 in bats created a generalist virus and highly capable human pathogen

Abstract Virus host shifts are generally associated with novel adaptations to exploit the cells of the new host species optimally.

Higher airborne pollen concentrations correlated with increased SARS-CoV-2 infection rates, as evidenced from 31 countries across the globe

Significance Coexposure to airborne pollen enhances susceptibility to respiratory viral infections, regardless of the allergy status. We hypothesized this could be also true for SARS-CoV-2 infections.

In this video, Sanjay Mukhopadhyay, MD, staff pathologist in the Department of Anatomic Pathology, presents a case of a patient with past history of endometrial adenocarcinoma as well as smoking. The case allows Dr. Mukhopadhyay to illustrate the differences in primary lung carcinoma and metastatic carcinoma to the lungs.

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