Infection Control

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Particulate and cardiovascular health - impact on morbidity and mortality

Particulate and heart morbidity and mortality have been observed globally tied to air pollution, dust storms and wildfires. It is time to recognize air quality is important for human health.

Mass gatherings  have the potential to amplify the spread of a pathogen

Mass gatherings like the Hajj, Super Bowl and the Olympics have the potential to amplify the spread of a pathogen.

Are portable electronic devices part of the infection control problem?

Electronics such as cell phones and tablets and remote controls harbor pathogens that hitch rides on those items to other spots inside your facility. Electronics require special cleaning, and rarely is that done. Every time you set your phone down on a surface their is potential for pathogen drop off and new pathogens hitching a ride.

Stokes and air quality are related

Stokes and air quality are related, and this post provides the data and links to demonstrate the connection. Clean air does influence the wellness and health of your clients, employees, and children. 

Floors are a superhighways for germs

Bacteria, fungi and viruses are all small particles that are easily aerosolized.  Floors and ducts are superhighways for germs.  Hospitals and all public spaces need to move to persistent cleaning technologies.  Any particle .3 microns and below can be aerosolized.

Hospital Bed Sheets and Uniforms Still Germy Despite Washing


Air Quality and Productivity

Our blog and news feed covers the healthy side of air daily. But because we mention health, we offer a study outlining risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). You will find much more about the harm to human health by following our facebook, twitter or linkedin pages.

Clean indoor Air Protects Patient with Cancer

Improved hygiene programs are good for everyone. But they are especially beneficial to those with a compromised immune system. COPD, diabetes, cancer, asthma make a segment of our population more vulnerable to serious illness and disease. The studies linked immediately below illustrate that those suffering from cancer and who are being treated for it are at a greater risk of secondary infection. It is critical to be diligent concerning hygiene and infection control, particularly when it comes to the environment of cancer patients live in. Improved hygiene will help keep people with compromised immune systems healthy.

Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO)  and Antimicrobial Resistance

Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) hog operations impact their environments and the communities around the farms. Contaminated water, air and employees moving through the community add to the spread of MRSA to humans in farming communities.

The Flu remains a clear and present danger

The flu has been a major source of infection for many decades. It, like COVID, is transmitted through the air and is tracked annually, including by all concerned with our current pandemic. The flu virus also passes directly person to person and indirectly through fomites. Human outbreaks have seen a slight uptick (we are in flu season), but because of the precautions taken for COVID-19, the flu virus outbreak levels are still low.

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