Infection Control

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Hand Hygiene is a Must

Hand hygiene is the cornerstone of any infection control program. It is absolutely critical. Mountains of evidence through the years points to the overwhelming need to prioritize hand hygiene.

Infection and Electronics

Germs notoriously do not discriminate. They hitch rides any way they can.  And they can make a home quickly on virtually any surface, any piece of equipment. We must be aware of this always, being diligent in our approaches to combat them to prevent the spread of infection.

Hands, Air and Surfaces all impact the spread of disease

Hand washing and hand sanitizing are among the easiest behaviors to employ in an effort to avoid being affected by and spreading germs that can cause disease. On inanimate surfaces,

Floors and cross contamination

Most look around but rarely down when they consider possible homes for germs. It’s probably best to rethink that. Hospital floors are particularly vulnerable to the gathering of infection-causing pathogens.

How bugs are spread?

The current pandemic brings to the fore again the different ways viruses are spread, and the importance of continuing to study and explore these methods in the ongoing quest to contain the spread of disease.

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